Frequently asked questions

Who is Marland's Place?

Marland’s Place is a foster placement agency in Kay County. We recruit and train foster parents and then help to pair children with nurturing families.

What has changed at Marland's Place?

Marland’s Place was formerly known as Marland Children’s Home. As a children’s home we housed dozens of children in a residential setting. The federal and state governments are moving away from group home settings and looking to expand their database of foster homes. This is based on the idea that the right family situations can enhance opportunities for children who would have typically fallen into the group home realm. We have since removed the dormitories to make room for new family style housing and hope to have these homes built by 2023. We also changed our name to Marland’s Place: Foster Family Services to more accurately reflect our new mission.

Do children still live on campus?

Yes, we have 5 housing units on our campus that can house around 20 children.

Can you foster and still live in your own home?

Yes! In addition to offering on campus housing for foster families, we love partnering with foster families off campus. Off campus foster families receive the same perks of working with Marland’s Place such as specialized trainings, family socials and access to our 24/7 on call support!

How does this change affect donation and tax credits?

We are officially Marland Children’s Home Inc. DBA Marland’s Place. This name is noted on all donation receipts and you will be able to file taxes as per usual. The change has no effect on our nonprofit status.

What about all the support we have given you in the past?

It is this support that has brought us to where we are today. Every person that supports Marland’s Place believes that the children we have served and those we will serve in the future deserve the opportunity to grow into responsible adults. As with most things in our world, this vision looks far different in 2020 than in did at the inception of the American Legion Children’s Home in 1928 or the transition to Marland Children’s Home in 2010. It is time for us to work cooperatively with other agencies to tip the scales toward success—success for foster parents, foster children and ultimately each of us.

Why choose an agency over DHS?

Working with an agency such as Marland’s Place can give you access to more specialized care. Our family specialists will work directly with the foster parents and DHS to ensure all the family’s needs are met such as finding counseling resources, finding child care or enrolling in school, coordinating visits and court dates and any helping in any other situation that may arise. Our organization is 100% local so help is right in your backyard when you need it! In addition to this one on one support, we have built a foster family community so you can be surrounded by others in your same position ready with advice, Respite Care or even just a vent session.

What do we believe?

We believe it is in the very fiber of Ponca City to care for the disadvantaged children who attend our schools and live in our community. It is this belief that has seen this campus through good times and trying times. It is this belief that will see us into the future.